Tracked Search List (Keywords)


GET v3/accounts/{accountId}/web-properties/{webPropertyId}/tracked-searches


Returns a list of all of a client web property's configured tracked keywords (formerly called "searches"), for use when interpreting the Client Web Property Rank Report.

For example:

    "isActive": true,
    "trackedSearchId": "3665365",
    "preferredUrl": "",
    "queryPhrase": "pop rivets",
    "locationId": "1",
    "rankSourceId": "1",
    "deviceId": "1"
}, {
    "isActive": true,
    "trackedSearchId": "3665366",
    "preferredUrl": "",
    "queryPhrase": "San Narciso Chamber of Commerce",
    "locationId": "3242",
    "rankSourceId": "1",
    "deviceId": "2"
}, {
    "isActive": false,
    "trackedSearchId": "3665367",
    "preferredUrl": "",
    "queryPhrase": "polybutadiene",
    "locationId": "1",
    "rankSourceId": "1",
    "deviceId": "1"



The numeric identifier of a Conductor account. You can find this after logging into a Conductor account in the URL. Just  go to Insight Stream—the numerical string in the URL represents the Account ID. For example:

Required?: Yes
Type: String


A web property’s numeric identifier string. This also appears in the webPropertyId column of the Client Web Property Rank Report and appears in Conductor platform URLs that are specific to web properties. For example, in Explorer, the second numeric string represents the web property ID:

Required?: Yes
Type: String


The response is a JSON-encoded array of tracked tracked keyword objects configured under the selected web property, each having the following attributes:


Indicates whether the keyword is currently active in Conductor or not.


The numeric identifier of tracked keyword (active or inactive). This also appears in Client Web Property Rank Report endpoint’s trackedSearchId column and in the Conductor platform URL for a specific tracked keyword in the Keywords activity (Settings > Keywords). For example, the second numeric string represents the trackedSearchId:


Indicates the preferred URL set for this tracked keyword. If no preferred URL is configured, the response is "null".


The keyword phrase string.


The numeric identifier of the location being tracked. This value also appears in the Location List endpoint.


The numeric identifier for the rank source. The combination of search engine provider, location, and language are considered a single "rank source". For example, the following are four different rank sources with four different rankSourceIds:

  • Google (US / English)
  • Google (US / Spanish)
  • Google (Canada / English)
  • Google (Canada / French)

This value also appears in the Rank Source List endpoint.


The numeric identifier of the device type being tracked. This value appears in the Device List endpoint.


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