Rank Source List


GET v3/rank-sources


Returns a list of rank sources on which you can track keywords in a Conductor account. The combination of search engine provider, location, and language are considered a single "rank source". For example, the following are four different rank sources with four different rankSourceIds:

  • Google (United Kingdom / English)
  • Google (US / Spanish)
  • Google (Canada / English)
  • Google (Canada / French)

For example:

    "baseDomain": "google.com",
    "description": "Google (US / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "1",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_US"
}, {
    "baseDomain": "google.ca",
    "description": "Google (Canada / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "4",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_CA"
}, {
    "baseDomain": "google.co.uk",
    "description": "Google (United Kingdom / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "5",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_UK"


Each object in the response represents a possible rank source (search engine provider, location, language) on which a keyword can be tracked:


The web domain associated wtih the rank source's search engine. For example: google.co.uk.


The identifier for the rank source in the Conductor platform. For example: Google (United Kingdom / English)


The numeric identifier for the rank source.

This value also appears in the Rank Source List endpoint.


The unique name associated with the rank source in the backend of Conductor, in the format SEARCH ENGINE PROVIDER_LANGUAGE CODE_COUNTRY CODE. For example; GOOGLE_EN_US.


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