Rank Sources

GET v3/rank-sources

Returns a list of rank sources associated with a Conductor account.

For example:

    "baseDomain": "google.com",
    "description": "Google (US / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "1",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_US"
}, {
    "baseDomain": "google.ca",
    "description": "Google (Canada / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "4",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_CA"
}, {
    "baseDomain": "google.co.uk",
    "description": "Google (United Kingdom / English)",
    "rankSourceId": "5",
    "name": "GOOGLE_EN_UK"

Each object in the response represents a possible rank source (search engine / language) on which a keyword can be tracked:

rankSourceId The rank source’s identifier, which appears in the Tracked Searches locationId field.
A user-facing descriptive string.
baseDomain The domain name of the rank source's primary interface, for reference.
name A mechanism for identifying the rank source.

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