On Demand Recommendations

POST /v3/recos/onDemand

Provides recommendations from a page of HTML content inputted as a parameter called "html" in the body of the post. Note that this endpoint is currently in beta.

For example:

        "recoCode": "recommendation_38",
        "description": "The page does not contain an H1 tag."     
    }, {
        "recoCode": "recommendation_18",
        "description": "The Meta Description is missing on the page."        
    }, {
        "recoCode": "recommendation_3",
        "description": "The Title tag is missing on the page." 
    "recoTaxonomyVersion": "2013-11-25"

The response is a JSON-encoded array containing objects representing the recommendations associated with that inputted HTML. Each has the attributes:


An array of recommendations for optimizing the submitted HTML

A string that uniquely identifies the recommendation.
description A user-facing descriptive string for the recommendation.


A string that indicates the version of the recommendation engine that was used to generate the supplied recommendations.

Try this endpoint with the interactive documentation.