GET v3/locations

Lists all locations with descriptive information as needed to interpret the Tracked Keywords List results. Locations include countries, cities, regions, or any other locations that are supported in Conductor.

For example:

    "locationId": "1",
    "description": "United States"
}, {
    "locationId": "2",
    "description": "Canada"
}, {
    "locationId": "3",
    "description": "United Kingdom"
}, {
    "locationId": "4",
    "description": "Australia"
}, {
    "locationId": "171",
    "description": "New York, NY"

Each object in the response represents a possible geographic location context for a tracked keywords:

locationId The location’s identifier, which appears in the Tracked Searches locationId field.
A user-facing descriptive string.

Try this endpoint with the interactive documentation.