Client Web Property Rank Report

GET v3/{accountId}/web-properties/{clientWebPropertyId}/rank-sources/{rankSourceId}/tp/CURRENT/serp-items

This endpoint provides a report of all the result types that appeared for all tracked keyword searches on a particular client web property when measured against a particular rank source. Each such report covers a single reporting time period (typically, a week).

Note that, depending on the configuration of the client account, this response may be of non-trivial size and the number of items in it may be quite large. For some of the largest accounts that Searchlight supports, clients should be prepared to digest reports up to 15MB gzip compressed with hundreds of thousands of search result items in them. Users may wish to process this report in a streaming fashion for import into their data warehouse if memory constraints are a consideration.

The items that Searchlight includes in this report are:

  • Top Rankers: The top 10 results on any search result, regardless of whether they point at a client web property or a configured comparison web property
  • Client Items: Items that point at a client web property, as determined by the target URL of that SERP item
  • Comparison Items: Items that point at a configured comparison web property for the client web property and rank source requested.
  • Universal Items: Items that are of a "universal" type -- typically rich results such as image results -- even if they don't target a client or comparison web property

It is possible for an item to satisfy more than one of these reasons for inclusion. For example, an item with CLASSIC_RANK of 2 pointing at a client web property would have two different reasons to be included in this report since it's both a top ranker and targeted at a client web property.

The response is JSON of the following form:


Where each "searchItemObject" has the following form:

    "ranks": {
        "UNIVERSAL_RANK": number|null,
        "TRUE_RANK": number|null,
        "CLASSIC_RANK": number|null
    "webPropertyId": number,
    "trackedSearchId": number,
    "itemType": string,
    "target": string|null,
    "targetDomainName": string,
    "targetUrl": string

An array of objects representing the various rank data associated with this client's tracked search:

A number representing Searchlight's universal rank of the particular item
TRUE_RANK A number representing Searchlight's true rank of the particular item
CLASSIC_RANK A number representing Searchlight's classic rank of the particular item

webPropertyId The client web property’s opaque identifier string, as may appear in the Web Properties endpoint
trackedSearchId The tracked search’s opaque identifier string, which also appears in the Tracked Searches endpoint
itemType A string that represents Searchlight's classification of that particular item 
targetDomainName The domain name of the target Url
targetUrl The url that is associated with this item

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