GET v3/accounts/{accountId}/categories

Returns the list of an account's active categories.

For Smart Categories this endpoint returns all current tracked keyword searches at the time of endpoint engagement.

For example:

    "created": "2015-01-01T17:58:07.000Z",
    "trackedSearchIds": [123456],    
    "modified": "2015-01-01T17:58:07.000Z",    
    "name": "Foo"
}, {
    "created": "2015-01-01T17:58:07.000Z",    
    "trackedSearchIds": [789012, 34567],    
    "modified": "2015-06-21T23:25:34.000Z",    
    "name": "Bar"
}, { 
    "created": "2015-01-08T17:58:07.000Z",    
    "trackedSearchIds": [123456, 789012, 34567, 9999999],    
    "modified": "2015-08-01T12:00:00.000Z",    
    "name": "All Keywords Example"

The response is a JSON-encoded array containing objects representing the account’s configured currently active categories.  Each has the attributes:

created Date the category was created.  All date values are in ISO8601 format.
An array of the tracked keyword searches (active or inactive) that are members of that category.
modified Most recent modify date of the category. All date values are in ISO8601 format.
name The mechanism for identifying a category.

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